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The Couples Therapist Couch

Oct 10, 2017

Sex is such an important part of couple relationships and comes up all the time in our work. Dr. Nazanin Moali gives couples therapists tons of insight into how to work with the sex issues that couples bring up during sessions. She is a Psychologist in California and works with couples and people struggling with addiction.

 In her podcast called Sexology, Nazanin untangles the science of sex and pleasure. She helps individuals and couples improve their sex lives and achieve deep and passionate connections with their partners. She is dedicated to educating people around the world to embrace sexuality as an essential aspect of life and eliminate the stigma associated with it.

 The Couples Therapist Couch is the podcast for Couples Therapists about the practice of couples therapy. The host, Shane Birkel, interviews an expert in the field of couples therapy each week.


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