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The Couples Therapist Couch

Jan 4, 2018

As therapists, we have so much to offer people, but we are often afraid. Whether it is a case of imposter syndrome or just getting stuck in the day to day, it can be easy to stay in our comfort zone.

In this bonus business episode with Ernesto Segismundo, he talks about how to put ourselves in new situations in order to see things from a different perspective and get fresh ideas.

Ernesto is always challenging therapists to create content on social media, particularly using video. He helps therapists find their voices and share their messages with the world.

He has a facebook group for therapists who want to learn more about using video called Marketing for Therapists.

The Couples Therapist Couch is the podcast for Couples Therapists about the practice of couples therapy. The host, Shane Birkel, interviews an expert in the field of couples therapy each week. There is an episode released every Tuesday and a bonus business episode released the first Thursday of each month.

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